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Deborah's Platform

Read my vision for an inclusive and equitable profession that reflects the LSO's mandate of serving the best interest of the public.

If you agree with this platform and would like to support my bid for Paralegal Bencher, fill out this form so I can contact you with more information.

Why vote for Deborah Moriah? 

I am an experienced board member with the strategic know-how to effect change and advocate for fairness within the paralegal profession. I promise to work hard to address all the issues in my platform.


Election Platform

As your Paralegal Bencher I will tirelessly advocate for:


  • LSO support of non-traditional practice areas for paralegals beyond the Big Three (Small Claims, POA, LTB)

  • expansion of the paralegal scope of practice

  • LSO networking events for new and existing paralegals to make mentorship/sponsorship connections

  • LSO career fairs and panels across all regions

  • better LSO oversight of student placement programs for high-quality training

  • specialized programs to ensure paralegals are competent and confident in particular areas of practice (immigration, human rights, consumer protection, social benefits, etc.)

  • an income assessment program which allows all paralegals to maintain their license based on their income

  • a fee equity policy that offers lower fees for: unemployed/under-employed paralegals, paralegals new to private practice and new paralegals looking for work

  • parental leave options for paralegals who may become pregnant leading up to or within the first year of regulation

  • reform of harsh/restrictive language (i.e., "administratively suspended") that may cause the public to lose confidence

  • an accreditation process that allows internationally trained legal professionals to more easily obtain a P1 License

Paralegal Experience:

  • Licensed in 2016

  • Practiced in a variety of areas including personal injury, provincial offences, small claims, and consumer protection.

  • Experience in social justice including human rights, social benefits, and criminal injuries compensation

  • Currently, an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Specialist at a Toronto law firm


Proven Professional Leadership:

  • Co-Founder and President of the Ontario Association of Black Paralegals

  • 2.5+ consecutive years of governance experience sitting on a Board of Directors

  • Paralegal presenter for CPD programs at the Law Society of Ontario, Ontario Paralegal Association, Black Outreach Leadership Directive (BOLD) Ontario

  • Regular paralegal field placement host for Humber and Centennial College students

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